Gas distribution network according to UNE-EN-13348 made with non-arsenical hard copper tube, clean and degreased with its corresponding accessories, tees, sleeves, elbows, fixings, etc.

 Welding of silver in different diameters

Soldiers with alloy of silver and totally signalized with the name of the gas and sense of the current. Diameters from 12 x 1 mm up to 64 x 2mm.

 High pressure in parallel

The installation is designed to work in high pressure, ie between 4 and 6 kg / cm2. The distribution network is formed by different pipelines that run parallel and that start from the central of gases and the central vacuum.

 Suspended installation

The pipes shall be secured to the ceiling by means of staples and special supports, with intervals every 1,5 m.


Pipelines shall be marked every two meters with stickers printed according to the color code in accordance with current regulations in order to identify the type of fluid they are conducting. These stickers indicate symbol, color, gas name and direction of flow.


Toma de gases

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