Breathable air production center for all sizes of suction, according to the needs of the client.

 Quick Install

Includes pipe fittings for direct connection to mains, elements and necessary filtration.

 Air Cooling

One of the most used methods for the treatment of compressed air is the drying through the cooling of the air. The air is cooled down to the dew point temperature and therefore both the water vapor and the oil are condensed, then the evacuation is effected by vents.

 Accumulation in tank and dryer

Vertical accumulator tank of x liters according to customer needs, with refrigerated dryer for the treatment of compressed air.

 Interconnection and control

Through a CAN bus network, the control panel is linked to the rest of PEGISDAN products to control the entire installation from a central computer. It has a Trinity control.


Toma de gases

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