High pressure copper pipe coil of diameter 9 / 4.5 mm and 1 m long, curved with a radius of 160 mm with a turn of one and a half turns.

 All types of gases

Our gas bottle connection coils are available for oxygen, air, protoxide, CO2, Nitrogen and Helium.

  Compatible and Selective

All our gas outlets and their corresponding pins are fully compatible with the products of other makes and models that follow the same regulations. Likewise, the connection is selective in such a way that a gas can never be connected to another and is totally safe.


Brass and brass manifold union pieces, welded with high quality silver alloy, with specific and non-interchangeable threads for each gas.


The type of bonding weld is BAG-20 composed of 30% silver, 38% copper and 33% zinc.


Toma de gases

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