Pegisdan installation team, with an experience of over 20 years in this kind of facility, is part of the staff of the company, which does not happen with the competition that performs this service through subcontractors.

All of our installers have the approval of welders according to UNE 13133-2000 and global approval of welders according to ASME IX. Pegisdan also has got the following certifications:

Our installers are responsible for implementing projects of medical gas installations “turnkey”. Within this system, besides the pipeline system, are responsible for the installation and commissioning of the following products:

All installations contain documentation from the engineering department and test sheets and delivery duly completed in order to be submitted to the relevant organizes by the customer.


All our installations are guaranteed for a period of 1 year instalacionafter installation.

According to regulations and due to the special conditions of these facilities is recommended to perform the annual review of the same. Pegisdan offers annual maintenance contracts and delivers the certificate once the revision made to submit to the appropriate agency. If you are interesting in hiring a maintenance of these facilities, do not hesitate to contact us for this.

Pegisdan has got a 24/7 available after-sales department with all the spare part products and accesories.

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